​            This Halloween the blood will be real.
 Mia always liked playing mom to the kids of Disdain. An artist who was trying to live a quite life out from under the shadow of her famous father she never thought she would be drawn into a nightmare.  Was she going crazy?  Did it have anything to do with the murder that had been committed and Who were the supernatural creatures she was seeing in her dreams?  and what did they want with her friends?  was it real danger or just her overactive imagination?

Daniel didn't think his life could be any worse.  In one week he had broken up with his girlfriend, gotten into fights with his step-father and was an accomplice to a murder.  Fighting depression and struggling with finding himself he didn't think his life could  be much worse but he was wrong. Something bad was going to make him pay, and nothing his friends could do would stop it.

Jack wanted to see his daughter happy and he wanted the gutter rat, Daniel out of the way. He had plans that didn't include losing his daughter to a degenerate.  It wouldn't take much for Jack to set something up but will his plan come back to haunt him?  Merging his past and his present could be dangerous but worth it to the business man, just as long as things went his way. 
   If you are a fan of Poppy Z Brite, Stephen King and          American horror story then you will love
                       THE MIDNIGHT WITHIN.

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